Using the Problem Determination Tools Lookup View in RDz

This is a view that does not get mentioned enough in the training exercises we do, so we're mentioning it here for posterity's sake. If you're working with a job and trying to understand where your batch job has failed, or if you're trying to understand an ABEND, there is a built in lookup tool in Rational Developer for System z (RDz) for that. You'll find this by opening the view under Window - Show View - Problem Determination Tools - Lookup. In the view, you can search for a specific error message in the search bar, or you can browse the errors by category (ABENDS, Messages, Others, etc). This is much faster than looking up in a separate web site (i.e. the z/OS InfoCenter).  Here is what the view looks like. Note that the right pane has two tabs: and Explanation tab that details what the message means, and a Results tab that gives the additional  value/type attributes for the error message.

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