IBM Rational enterprise modernization acronyms

I frequently get asked what all the acronyms mean with the products under the Rational EM umbrella. They are confusing, and in some cases there may be one acronym that refers to two or more products (RSA for example). So.. to help alleviate the confusion, I've compiled a simple list of common acronyms. This relates to the enterprise modernization tool space only, so its not a complete list of all the Rational acronyms... but its a start.

HOD = Host On Demand - Web browser delivered terminal emulator
PCOMM = Personal Communications - fat client terminal emulator
HACP = Host Access Client Package - package of HOD and PCOMM 
HATS = Host Access Transformation Services - Software that transforms 5250 and 3270 terminal emulation applications into web services and or web pages
HIS = Host Integration Solution - package of HIS, HATS, and IBM Communications Server
EGL = Enterprise Generation Language = 4th generation computer language built by IBM. Generates COBOL, or Java and Javascript asseets from a common language
EGL CE = Enterprise Generation Language Community Edition - the free version of EGL supported by IBM which supports the development of JavaScript and Java based rich Internet application
EDT = EGL Development Tools - is the Eclipse foundation project for EGL.
RBD = Rational Business Developer - the commercial product that supports EGL, an extension of EGL CE
zPDT = System z Personal Development Tool - a linux based system z emulator that can run different System z operating systems (zOS, VSE, zTPT). Usually only sold to ISV's.
RDz = Rational Developer for System z - Development environment for zOS developers
RDz UT = Rational Developer for System z Unit Test - special license for zPDT that can only be sold with RDz. Connect to zOS on zPDT only. Package includes the zPDT, and zOS.
RDp = Rational Developer for POWER systems - IDE for AIX or iOS development of COBOL, C++, RPG on POWER hardware
RAM = Rational Asset Manager 
RAA = Rational Asset Analyzer
RDiSOA = Rational Developer for i for SOA construction = A package of RDp and RBD