Themes at IBMInnovate: Methodologies

So we are ready to embark on day 3 of the conference and several themes are emerging. Some are the direct themes that IBM intentionally pushes. Others are those that are present by either lack of action or lack of attention.

Most notably, I am hearing nothing about Rational Unified Process. Even after IBM pushed the process template of OpenUP in RTC, I have heard no one really mention it. I certainly am hearing nothing about the formal RUP process, which was the first major agile process. What I am hearing more about is Lean, XP, and Scrum. It certainly shows in the toolsets. Team Concert is especially focused on Scrum, and even the RTC development team runs Scrum not OpenUP.  While in the recent RTC 3.0 release, IBM introduced the traditional method that allows shops to import/export into MS Project (a habit as dangerous and effective as taking up smoking in my humble opinion), I don't hear too much focus on it. Certainly the partners and knowledge force around RTC is not pushing it. That said, there may be some that gladly working with it, but at this conference Scrum rules.

Ok, a short blog entry today because I have to go get some breakfast while it is still available. Some other themes that I see are integration across with the toolset with Jazz and OSLC. I also see the steam running out of ClearCase and Clearcase in favor of RTC. This was Rational's bread and butter for many years. They are switching trains, and the Jazz train is picking up a LOT of steam.

More to come throughout the week...