A Newbie's Guide to attending IBM Innovate

In preparation for the IBM Innovate conference starting this June, I've put together some helpful advice to newcomers who've not been to one of the conferences before. By no means is this a complete list, nor is it an official list. Its MY list. Enjoy:

What to bring

CLOTHING: Well, first off, this is Florida. I live here and know the weather well. The first time you go outside after being in the AC, your glasses will fog up. The conference rooms are on the cold side. Outside? Its HUMID! So, with that said, you need bring business casual for all the sessions (Sunday - Wednesday). You can rethread an outfit for Thursday, or do what most people do and go with shorts. You need to bring a few pairs of shorts, t-shirts or short sleeve shirts for the evenings away from the conference. Next week it is expected to be highs in the low 90's, with lows in the low 70's, but still very humid. That said, the weather can change, and we've already hit 97 here just few weeks ago. Take the weather report with a grain of salt.

You should bring very comfortable walking shoes, as you'll be doing a lot of it. Bring extra socks also. Bring flip flops or sandals also. Don't wear a business suit to the theme park event on Wednesday. You'll think you look like a professional, but you'll be a professional fool.  Wear nice casual clothes and relax (this includes the IBM executives). People are more likely to talk to you.


What NOT to bring

Where to go

What to Know and Prepare For

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