Announcing the next version of LotusLive!

IBM is announcing the latest version of LotusLive services. These services are scheduled to go live the weekend of May 7-8. 

Here is what's new:

LotusLive Engage & LotusLive Connections 


Like before, you can create Communities which include only members of your organization or you can invite guests from outside of your organization.  However, with our newest enhancements for LotusLive Communities, you gain additional control for restricting the sharing of content (i.e. files, folders, Activities) with members of an internal community or a community that includes both internal and external participants.   
In addition to additional control over content sharing, the following functions have also been added for Community owners. 

•        A new dashboard experience that reflects the current Community name versus the organization's name. 
•        A visual indicator for Community files that are restricted to internal members only. 
•        The ability to create sub-communities which include their own tags, image, membership, Files, Folders, Discussion Forums, Activities, & Bookmarks. 
•        Add multiple discussion forums to a community  manage forums. 
•        Explicit guest invitation process during the sharing/access control setup of a Community. 

For more details about Communities, see Communities Help in LotusLive. 


•        Host Presenters can record a LotusLive Engage meeting, including both the web and audio conference.  They can then download the recording to replay and/or to share with others. 
•        Host Presenters can now audiocast their LotusLive Engage meeting. With audiocast, the presenters audio is broadcast over the network so that attendees can listen to the meeting on their computers. 
•        You can now password protect your meeting. 

For more details about Meetings, see the Meetings Help. 


•        Activities or sections within an activity can be exported to a spreadsheet. 
•        You can assign a To Do to a member of the community who is not yet a member of the community activity. When you assign the To Do, the person is automatically added to the activity. 
•        The Recent Updates view has moved to its own tab. Click the Recent Updates tab to see what has been going on in your activities. 

For more details about Activities, see Activities Help in LotusLive. 


•        Collections have been renamed Folders. 
•        You can now see if a file is shared outside of your organization. 
•        Files and Folders created from now on allow readers to see who else that content is shared with.  In the past, this information was only available to users with author access to the content. 

For more details about Files, see Files Help in LotusLive. 

LotusLive iNotes 
Support for internet mail protocols and printing of calendars has been added. 
•        Added support for IMAP, POP, and SMTP protocols, including instructions on how to set up various email clients to use the service. 
•        Added ability to print calendars. 

For more details about LotusLive iNotes®, see  LotusLive iNotes Help in LotusLive 

LotusLive Notes 

LotusLive Notes for BlackBerry 

•        A company can subscribe to the LotusLive Notes BlackBerry Service to enable users to access LotusLive Notes mail and personal information management features through BlackBerry devices. 
•        The LotusLive Notes Blackberry service provides a Mobile Device Manager web portal that administrators and users can use to manage Blackberry devices. 

For more information, see Configuring and managing the LotusLive Notes BlackBerry service. 

LotusLive Notes Mail improvements 

•        Company administrators can set a size limit on incoming mail messages so that messages that exceed the limit are rejected. 
•        Company administrators can delete sent or received messages that have been stored in mail files longer than a specified number of days. 
•        Company administrators can report instances of SPAM mail to IBM® in a service-only environment. 

For more information, see Configuring mail settings and Reporting spam to IBM in a service-only environment. 

LotusLive Notes Traveler 

•        Android devices are now supported for use with the LotusLive Notes Traveler service. 
•        Mail encryption is supported for Windows Mobile, Nokia, Apple (Traveler Companion), and Android devices. 

LotusLive Notes Hybrid environment 

•        Virus scanning is now performed on mail files that are transferred to the service in a hybrid environment. 
•        Improvements have been made to the process of provisioning users with mail file transfer in a hybrid environment. 
•        The ability to convert a LotusLive Notes user to an on-premises user is now supported for a hybrid environment. 

Integrated Applications 
A new integrated application is available from IBM business partner, Fresh TL: TeamPoint. 
TeamPoint tracks and manages the creation of your controlled documents, helping you remain compliant with employment law, health and safety regulations and standards. 
For more information about this new integrated application, see TeamPoint in the LotusLive wiki. 

What's new for administrators 

Improvements and updates have been made to the administrator interface. Performance upgrades are also included in this release. 

Updates and new features 
•        Administrator help has been added. Click Help > Administrator Help in the navigation bar to access information 
•        A new role has been added called user account assistant. A user account assistant can reset any user's password and resend expired invitations. 
•        Administrators can now simultaneously reset passwords for all users. 
•        System announcements: company administrators can create announcements that display on the Dashboard page of every user in their company. 

For more details about administering LotusLive, see LotusLive Administration Help in LotusLive.