Resolving installation error with RDP into existing package groups.

This little gem of an error came up today. While installing Rational Developer for Power, I got a message that the the product was not compatible with the package group I was installing into. In this case I tried installing into multiple existing package groups including one with Rational Business Developer, and another with Rational Application Developer.

In installation context "":
Software being installed: (
Missing requirement: 8.0.1.v20101122_2106 requires ' [7.0.0,8.0.0)' but it could not be found
Cannot satisfy dependency:
From: (
To: [8.0.1,9.0.0)

This is an issue, and at the moment there is not an IBM support ticket open that I know of. The culprit is the "IBM i Web Services and Java Tools" selection. Deselect this option, and try again. That should resolve the issue.

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