Jazz based CLM Beta 3 products now are available

For those interested, the Jazz team announced Beta 3 for all three Rational CLM products including:
 While each of these three are worthy in their own spotlight, when put together, the whole is worth more than the sum of its parts. Its interesting to note that the Jazz team REALLY eats their own dog food. They run on a continual beta, meaning they develop the tools using the tools. With RTC running continuous builds, they are always the the latest release, with complete traceability from requirements to source code, to build, to test result.  The image on the left here demonstrates cross relationships between work items owned by different products.

Those who read this blog know I am a big advocate of RTC as it can radically change (for the positive) a development team from being reactive and stifled of innovation to productive, creative, and responsive to the customer or stakeholder needs.

This latest group of betas (which I am downloading as I write this) has even deeper integration with each other. So much so, that its offered as  a single download for all three products. 

For more details check out the latest blog entry at:

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