Happy New Year! .. . . . . . . where did everyone go?

Ok, so I'm a bit late saying this, but Happy New Year to all. Guess I missed the party. Yes, its been almost 2 months since our last posting. We've neglected you, and we feel like bad hosts. Last month and the beginning of this month was very hectic for us. Nonetheless, we'll start backup very shortly with some more informative posts to help you make the most of your software investment.

This year we want to provide information that is hard to find elsewhere based on our experience. There are those that say "experience is the best teacher". Well, we think that is half right. Actually someone else's experience is the best teacher... if you are willing to read or listen.
So this year we are focusing on a handful of key topics. Some of the areas we are going to focus on this year include:
No, that is not an all inclusive list. Well post information on other topics as we see fit, but these are the areas that we see the most demand for information in.  Stay tuned, and keep the comments coming.