#LotusKnows Lotus Domino 6.5 support ends in two weeks (April 30)

As a reminder, Lotus Notes and Domino support for version 6.5 will end on April 30th, which is two weeks from today. If you have a product issue and need support, you should enter your PMR now before time runs out.

After that you will have to upgrade your environment to a supported version in order to obtain support from IBM. If your software maintenance has lapsed, you can renew for a much reduced cost than buying new software. In fact, depending upon your usage patterns, it might be good to buy new, but different licenses. For example, if you are on 5 old 6.5 servers and its aged equipment, you could consolidate those servers onto new equipment - say down to 2 servers and save license renewal costs for those other 3 servers.  If you were running on Windows, you could move your servers to AIX on a POWER7 and REALLY consolidate your environment, thus saving even more (power costs, software maintenance licensing, and hardware maintenance costs).

Here are 3 new features since 6.5 that are reasons alone to upgrade your environment:
Ok, so I can't count today. That's four reasons. If you need more, check out this article on IBM Developerworks

If you are under software maintenance and have not upgraded, then ask the powers that be "why not"?

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