Licensing model changes for Rational POWER7 Products

If you have any of the following products, when you move to the next release, you will experience a change in how you obtain your licenses.

Previously the license file as a java .jar file obtained via IBM Passport Advantage, along with your software downloads. Now with the new version, you will still download the software from Passport, but the license file will come from the Rational License Center.  This is the centralized location for managing authorized user and floating user licenses. For more info go to

Rational Team Concert for i is now rebranded as Rational Team Concert for POWER systems. Your existing licensing will migrate to this product 1:1 without issue.

If you are still using WDSC, you may or may not be aware that this product is considered "stabilized" and will not mature further. It supports IBM i compilers for V5R4. You will not be able to take advantages of the newer processor features on V6R1, nor that on V7R1 for POWER7.

There is not a replacement or entitlement product for WDSC Standard Edition. However, if you have WDSC Advanced Edition, you are entitled to the following for each current license you have:
· 1 license RDi (Rational Developer for IBM i)
· 1 license RBD (Rational Business Developer)
· 1 license for the HATS for 5250 Applications toolkit
· 1 license for RAD (Rational Application Developer)
Note: (RDi and RBD are RDi SOA)

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