IBM Rational Releases HATS 7.5.1, Developer for POWER 7.6, and new AIX Compilers

Today, IBM has released several products geared towards development on IBM POWER systems (notably, the POWER7). IBM is targetting customers running on Sun hardware and especially Oracle applications. Now customer will be able to migrate from Solaris/SPARC to POWER/AIX with new compilers and development tools for C/C++ and COBOL. New compilers (priced separatly or packacked with RDp) are available for Fortran, C/C++, COBOL and RPG.

Here's a summary of the announcements:

Rational Developer for POWER Systems 7.6

The C/C++ development tools have lots of new features:
COBOL on AIX has long been a neglected area. IBM returns to this arena with a vengeance as competitors have been dominant in this space for a long time. The COBOL tools feature:
Finally the i development tools, for which the product has the largest base of current users have several significant features:
All of the features above integrate with Rational Team Concert for Power, which is also being focused on in this launch. With this release of POWER7 and i/OS 7.1, the PDM/SEU tools have NOT been rolled forward. This means you will NOT be able to take advantage of the new processor features unless you are using RDp. PDM/SEU remain at their 6.1 revision level and will not advance!

IBM is offering a 10% discount by purchasing Rational Developer for POWER with the new Rational compilers. The two main products are the COBOL Development Studio for AIX, and C/C++ Development Studio for AIX.

IBM Rational Compilers

For AIX, the new compilers include:
To take advantage of your new processors, you'll need to upgrade or purchase these compilers. Simply recompiling your existing applications with the new compilers. The COBOL compilers are Oracle Tuxedo Oracle DB certified.

Also, the HATS development team has issued a new point release to address some hot topics in the user community:

HATS 7.5.1

Planned GA will be May 26th for HATS 7.5.1

Want more information?

Come and hear more this Friday April 16th at 11AM! We'll give a brief demo and talk more about what's in store.

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