Team Concert Build Engine init script

Currently the Rational Team Concert build engine does not include an init.d script for those running build engines on Linux. This is analogous to Windows services and allow the jbe to run automagically at startup. Instead, you must rely on system administrators having the knowledge of how to write these from scratch. Currently there is a work item proposed for future iterations of Team Concert, but until then, you can suffice to use the one provided here. Look at the end of the script for other instructions.

UPDATE: February 2013  - I got tired of several issues with the previous script and have updated the script accordingly. This script adheres to the Linux Standard Base (LSB) format. It is also available on our website for download at is handy since you don't have to worry about Linux / Unix delimiters.

Once you download it, place it in the /etc/init.d directory. Then you must update the supplied variables in the second comment section. You also will need to create your encrypted password using the syntax jbe -createPasswordFile pass.txt.

Finally, you can set it to auto start using the syntax chkconfig jbe on. After that, just run jbe start to get it going.

Once you drop the above code into the file /etc/init.d/jbe, run the following command as root:

chkconfig --add jbe

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