Rational Team Concert released

The most recent milestone for RTC snuck out the door last night. Most notable is support for the Eclipse 3.5 client.

Another new feature is work item templates. These can be created from an existing set of work items, and then be used to create new work items. template creation wizard also lets you to define attribute variables which can be assigned values each time you instantiate the template.

You can also check in, edit, and delete documents now using the Web UI. File locks can now also be managed using the Web UI. There is now a command line interface to check in/out and edit files (for us command line junkies).

Another favorite is an updated Scrum template for Agile planning. The prior one was overly complex for new teams just getting started with Agile.

More details on the updated and new features can be found on the 'New and Noteworthy' page.

Download the latest release here.