IBM Moving to a Closed Software Distribution Model

For all IBM customers:

I'd like to be sure you are aware that there are some pending changes to IBM's partnering strategy that will affect you moving forward. In February 2009, IBM Software Group announced to its Business Partners the next step in its channel strategy. This announcement was in response to requests from IBM's valued clients. This strategy will provide you with more
targeted IBM solutions, faster deployments, and reduced implementation risk.

In January 2010, this new strategy will go live after nearly a year of careful planning and preparations with Business Partners. IBM will implement this strategy through a new value model that covers the entire IBM Software Group portfolio. IBM Software Group will organize its software portfolio of offerings into two categories:
These changes will apply to both new license sales, as well as to your annual subscription and support renewals. The new Business Partner requirements will take affect January 25, 2010 (start date may vary slightly by region). There is no impact to any business partner transactions in 2009. However, after January 25, 2010 you will only be able to purchase Authorized products from authorized IBM Business Partners.

Authorized software will fall into one of 11 different categories as shown in the image below.

Strongback Consulting will be authorized to sell in the Rational, Lotus Portal, and WebSphere Core product groups. This meets our strategy of delivering solutions for Enterprise Modernization, Enterprise Architecture, Collaboration, and Middleware. As 2010 progresses, we may add additional product categories as deemed appropriate. But for now, our focus will be on delivering our deep expertise on the IBM products in the categories mentioned above. Such products include:
IBM has produced an FAQ for you the client. Of course, feel free to contact us here at Strongback if you have any concerns. We'll be happy to help!