A comment about craftsmanship

In today's world we often measure the worth of an item by its retail price or discounted status at a store while rarely contemplating the quality of the work, how long it may last, or even how much pleasure will obtain from the object. Certainly we have our budgets to maintain, but there are times were it is best to do without altogether rather than to accept less than acceptable substance. Being someone who focuses on delivering quality services, and quality products to my customers, I too understand that budgets must be met. I have turned down business when I knew there was not enough time or resources to complete the tasks at hand. Your product is also a statement of your reputation, which when parted from you continues to speak in your behalf long after you have completed the project.

Today I was looking through some old Internet bookmarks and cleaning up my virtual workspace, and came across a site I had not visited in some time, but was was referred to me by a IBM guy who plays guitar. I now play guitar (when time permits), and in case you have not gathered from the design of this website am also an avid wood worker. Ervin Somogyi is a luthier in California who embodies the concept of craftsmanship. This video is in its own right a quality production, but his guitars are beyond compare. I hope you enjoy this video and will think about your own concept of value and craftsmanship in the process. I myself am in awe.

I think I might be saving up for one of his masterpieces after seeing this.