Central Florida WebSphere Users Group

This week I went to the first meeting of the rebirth of the Central Florida WebSphere Users Group in Orlando. There were mostly IBM'ers there and only 3 people (including myself) not from IBM. Nonetheless they had some great content. Nii-Boi Koi did a great presentation on WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition (FTE), which appears to be a pretty good solution for situations where FTP is used all over the place. A good example they brought up was where a retailer was receiving nightly sales data from thousands of locations and need to apply SLA's and business rules on the files.

There was also a high level presentation on cloud computing and a discussion of the Cloudburst appliance.

The group is tentatively scheduled to meet once a quarter, but I'm hoping it meets a bit more often than that. I'm planning on presenting at least once in the coming months, most likely on Jython scripting and automated builds with WebSphere App Server.

If you have an interest in joining a local chapter of WUG, just visit www.websphere.org and find a chapter near you.