Transforming HATS inhibited input screens

This is one I've been meaning to post for sometime, but always forget. Let's say you have a HATS screen transformation that you've worked for hours to get pixel perfect. It looks gorgeous. You deploy it and then your users come back to you and say they that when they get into an error condition, they no longer see the UI that you so tirelessly worked for.

The problem here is that there is an error condition in the Operator Input Area (OIA), and subsequently, the screen recognition criteria on the screen customization no longer matches. By default, when you create a screen customization it creates a criteria to recognize the screen only when it is not inhibited. There is no area on the wizard to change this, but you can change it on the source tab.

Open that tab and look towards the bottom for the "<description>" element, and under that you will find the <oia> element.
Simply change the "NOTINHIBITED" attribute to "DONTCARE". Your transformation will now render under both conditions. Voila!