Corporate Survey of Browsers had an article on a Forrester Research survey of companies asking them what their default internet browser standard is. I was shocked...yes...shocked to see that IE6 still accounts for 60% of the corporate install base.

Does anyone reading this have a justifyable reason why this is so? What is it that keeps your organization from either upgrading to IE7 (or now IE8), or even better, standardizing on Firefox or Chrome or some other browser?

I think this is just plain gross negligence on behalf of most of these company CTO/CIOs. IE6 has so many weaknesses both in security and in features. These organizations are trapped in 2002. Making a web site forward compatible from IE6 is downright difficult as it does not fully support web standards. Review my previous posts on IE, and look up the results for the Acid2 test.

Argh!! Ok... I'll get off my soap box now.

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