Responses to Frequently Asked Questions about IBM Lotus Notes & Domino for November 2008

This note contains links (URLs) to technical support documents regarding
IBM Lotus Notes & Domino, as well as links to key information helping you
derive the most value from your software licenses, and helping you be the
best possible system administrator. This month's mailing has six sections:

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Open Mics/Webcasts & devWorks articles
Multimedia Modules
Featured Documents
General Self-Help

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Frequently Asked Questions

Title: Key Content Resources for Lotus Notes and Domino

Title: Errors occur when upgrading to Notes 8.0.2

Title: A hotfix is available for a Domino 8.0x server hang when MIME
messages with certain attachments are converted to CD format

Title: Troubleshooting the Domino Web Access 8 contact list (Buddy

Title: Multi-user Smart Upgrade with SURunAs to Notes 8.0.1 does not
automatically launch

Title: Frequently Asked Questions about Ultralite and the iPhone

Open Mics and Webcasts

Title: IBM Tech Exchange Webcast recording: NSD case studies for
Domino on System i - November 4, 2008

Title: IBM Tech Exchange Webcast on Best Practices for Domino on
System i - October 8, 2008

Title: Open Mic Replay: Configuring Security in Domino HTTP Servers -
14 August 2008

Find an up-to-date schedule of upcoming Open Mics & Webcasts here:

developerWorks article

Administration Process Troubleshooting Guide

Multimedia Modules

Title: Multimedia: Troubleshooting server crashes and hangs for Domino
on IBM i or i5/OS

Title: Multimedia: Methods to set up an additional Domino server on
IBM i (formerly i5/OS)

Title: Best practices and problem recovery tips for IBM Lotus Domino
on System i

Title: Multimedia presentation: "Troubleshooting Lotus Domino server
crashes on UNIX"

Title: Overview of new features in Domino 8 and 8.0.1 for UNIX

Title: Multimedia presentation: "Troubleshooting semaphores and Lock
Manager messages"

Featured Documents

Title: Featured Documents for Lotus Domino server

Title: Featured Documents for Lotus Notes client

Title: Featured documents for Lotus Domino Web Access

The Featured Documents pages are regularly updated to highlight frequently
requested content. For that reason, we recommend you bookmark them and
re-visit regularly.

General Self-Help Resources

Here are links to other ways that you can access IBM Lotus Notes & Domino
self-help support information on the Web:

1. My Support (

2. Lotus Support is just a click away (; learn more about
Lotus Software Self-Assist Options.

3. IBM Software Support Site design update (

4. New Lotus Notes Domino Wiki (

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