Good upcoming webcast: WAS and Jython

Have you ever wanted to deploy an application with certain parameters without having to click through all the web pages in the Integrated Console? Think redeploying an application after debugging. If you have miss one of the settings, you'll have to redeploy it all over again.

Ever wanted to set up multiple WAS machines identically? Think test/dev/staging/production environments. Sure its easy to set it up identical the first time. But what about the 35th time?

That is where scripting comes into play. Any admin worth his salt knows that scripting can save time and ensure accuracy.

IBM is putting on a webcast on May 28th regarding using the Jython language to administer and control a WebSphere Application Server. Its not going to be for the faint of heart. No sales weasels here. Non-proppeller-heads need not apply.

Register here:

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