V6R1 for System i Released

This is probably old news for some of you, but I just caught it. I think this was announced on January 29th. I had just got to the point to where I thought users were finally going to V5R4, when this comes out. Geesh.


Looks likes this gives you the added features you need to take advantage of the POWER6 platform. Some of the new features include:

Also announced is the Rational Developer for System i (RDi). IBM has finally moved over all the AIM tools to the Rational brand, so what used to be marketed as WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries is now RDi. The WDz product has also moved over to Rational as well (RDz). The new RDi 7.1 provides support for the V6R1 platform and adds lots of new web services functions, enhanced support for PCML with the new Program Call Wizard, and of course EGL (which is a fourth generation type language designed for Cobol/Fortran/RPG/ILE developers). Pretty cool product.

If you are still doing development in PDM, and are looking to move to a richer environment, this is a great tool. Look at my other post about version control if you need more reasoning. I know there are those that will drop PDM when you pry it from their cold dead hands, but once they make the change, its hard to go back. You just become so much more productive and can see your architecture from a whole different perspective.

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