Deploying HATS Rich Client Applications

Saw this come across the IBM support wire. Great information if you are considering using the Rich Client Platform for your HATS applications.

For those of you not familiar with Java Web Start (or JWS), it is a Java feature that allows users to install an application dynamically with one click from within their browser. JWS ensures that the latest version of the application gets installed (or updated as the case may be). Thus users can simply start the application using a standard HTML bookmark. If the application is current, it simply launches. Otherwise, it downloads and updates the current one. For some organizations this is the main limitation of using the Rich Client Platform.

Also, if you need some addition ideas on what you can do within a rich client, check out Chet Hause and Guy Romaine's book Filthy Rich Clients: Developing Animated and Graphical Effects for Desktop Java Applications (The Java Series).