Upgrading to Lotus Notes 8? You may want to wait.

A word of note. As I have found out by recent experience, upgrading users via SmartUpgrade has some issues. If you use the web kit (the attached kit), it does not accept any parameters. You can verify this by calling the executable from a command line and passing parameters (i.e. /s /v"SELECTINSTALLFEATURES=Activities,Sametime,Editors /qb+"). It will NOT run silent. You must extract the installation out to a network share before you can run it silently via SmartUpgrade. My contact at IBM said the following:

As you know this is a reported issue logged as SPR# KTOT776U48. As stated the only way around this at this time is to unzip the installation files and run the installation from a network drive. The issue is slated to be fixed in Notes 8.0.1.

Unfortunately, Notes 8.0.1 is not due out until Q1 of next year. This is only an issue if you can't do a network install (for whatever reasons).