Strange error in Eclipse

This is more for my own memory than anyone else's. I installed RSA on my new Thinkpad and received an error message the next time I started it up. "jvm terminated exit code=1". I think my problem was that Vista failed to properly suspend, and I shut it down as it was unresponsive. Subsequently, this corrupted the eclipse.ini file. Any attempt to click on a workspace shortcut or even eclipse itself resulted in this immediate error.


Open the eclipse.ini file under the SDP70 folder (i.e. C:\IBM\SDP70), and delete its contents, except for the first two lines which control which JRE is used to start. RSA started right up afterwards. Apparently there is a default setting that is troublesome with Vista. I have not narrowed down which one though. Note: if you deleted all the contents, then Eclipse will load with the Sun JVM, and RSA/RAD will not very happy about that.

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