Geronimo passes Java EE 5 Compatibilty Test Suite

InfoQ has an article about Geronimo passing the muster for Java EE 5.

To date the following Java application servers are at Java EE compatibility:

JBoss 4.2 (not CTS certified, but JBoss says it supports JEE 5)
BEA WebLogic 10
Glassfish (Sun Application Server)
Oracle Application Server 11
Apusic Application Server 5.0 (....and no, I've never heard of thus either)
TmaxSoft JEUS 6 (..nor have I heard of that one before today)
SAP NetWeaver 7.1

Now that you have read this list, do you see any glaring ommision? If you need a hint, check out the label for this post.

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