Lotusphere Comes to You

Optimus Solutions will be holding 3 separate Lotusphere comes to you events in Atlanta, Tampa, and Chicago. Yours truly will be presenting a couple of presentations:

WebSphere Portal Express 6
IBM has always excelled at products for the enterprise, especially when it comes to extremely scalable, high performance apps. WebSphere Portal is embodies exactly that approach since it is highly scalable (built on WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment 6), with a strong play for SOA (as it is also packaged with the Process Server, a business rules engine). Portal Express has recently been overhauled and release 6 is a fresh departure from its prior incarnation. It is relatively easy to install and is a great starting point for small/medium companies looking for a way to integrate all their disparate systems into a common interface.

Lotus Quicker and Connections
IBM is jumping in headfirst into the Web 2.0 social computing scene with these two products. IBM has so completely revamped Quickplace, that they have renamed it Quickr. It is the ultimate team space, and comes in a few flavors. IBM is practically giving the personal edition away to current Lotus Notes users, while the enterprise version is what used to be Quickplace. Connections is the newest member of the Lotus family. Think of it as part LinkedIn, part Jira, part Confluence/Wiki, part BlogSpot, part del.icio.us.

Anyone interested can RSVP at the following URL:


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