JavaOne 2007

Its opening day today at JavaOne (I was here yesterday for Java University). I'm sitting in the keynote address. Some cool things are being announced, as is typical in any opening general session. I'll comment when I can, and I've got a bunch of other material I've been saving up - so expect a lot of new posts this week.

Java is now fully open sourced as of today. The announcement made at JavaOne last year to open source the language has now been completed.

JavaFX - family of Sun products based on consumer facing java technologies - toolsets, new software systems based on java or other JVM compatible languages.
JavaFX Script - scripting language for rich I-net apps. designed for content authoring tools. Used for building very rich graphical experiences. Used for driving Swing/AWT. Preview release available - not production...yet.

JavaFX mobile - Java SE on a mobile device - down to the metal - open programming model - designed to be modified and localized by OEMs. Key intellectual property was acquired last year from the company who produced the SavaJe product, after the company effectively went out of business.

Some other key focuses of the conference include the following: