Stopping WebSphere Gracefully on an iSeries

This is a question I get frequently from new customers running WebSphere Application Server, and its a good question as its not well documented anywhere (or at least anywhere convenient). Every shop will need to IPL their iSeries at some point, and subsequently you want to bring down the Application server and HTTP servers gracefully rather than just issuing a ENDSBS(QWAS6) command. Here is the recipe for doing it right!

You end a WAS instance by calling a QShell script. The script is located under


If you are running Network Deployment rather than Express or Base, substitute Base for ND above.

Call the script with the following parameters:
stopServer server1
stopServer admin

This is the same procedure for all platforms, just different directories and filename extensions depending upon the platform (Unix/Linux is always .sh, Windows is .bat, and iSeries has no file name extension).

You can call a QShell script from a CL command with the following syntax:
STRQSH CMD ('/QIBM/UserData/WebSphere/AppServer/V6/Base/profiles/default/bin/stopServer server1')

or submit it as a batch job. This would be what you put in your IPL shut down script:
SBMJOB CMD (STRQSH CMD ('/QIBM/UserData/WebSphere/AppServer/V6/Base/profiles/default/bin/stopServer server1'))

For the HTTP Server instances, you can end them with a CL command (This is well documented, but since you are ending WAS you might as well add this to the IPL script also):

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