RSA Beta ...I'm still waiting

I signed up for the Beta program, but am still waiting. I don't see the downloads available yet on the partner site yet.

I am hoping that RSA/RAD 7 is going to be like what we saw at JavaOne in May from Eric Gamma et al. That demo blew me away. I think it makes up for IBM's rather glacial progess thus far. The integrated collaboration, instant messaging, code version control, and build management was phenomenal.

Yes, I give them a hard time about the velocity of their point releases, but then again they contribute more to open source than any other company. They have recently donated over 500 of their software patents to Open Source, and if you look at the source code behind Eclipse, IBM is stamped all over it. I also see that IBM is now offering SLA's for Eclipse and Eclipse based products. Looks like they are about to reap what they sowed.

Just giving you your due Big Blue.

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